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Stronger Body Stronger You


Stronger Body Stronger You

Virtual Fitness Training With Personal Trainer

Welcome to Stronger Body Stronger You, your trusted resource for personalized virtual fitness training sessions and support through every monumental stage of your life. Our team of certified personal trainers is dedicated to providing 1-on-1 and private virtual training sessions, with the utmost attention to affordable, comfortable, and a secure space for pregnant moms.

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Online Virtual Personal Training From The Comfort Of Your Home

Our virtual training regimes guided by professional personal trainers assigned to you comes at the luxury and ease of moving at your desired pace and is completely virtual so you can conduct your fitness training from home! Engage in workouts that bring your whole boxy to relax and your muscles to stay active, keeping you and your baby in good health, always.

Personal Training FAQ’s

Ready to start your pregnancy fitness journey? Our best personal trainers at Stronger Body Stronger You are here to help you prepare for a healthy and active pregnancy. We’re here to answer any questions you might have and put your mind at ease. Reach out to us with your questions and discover fitness regimes designed to accommodate your pregnancy.

Is it safe to exercise during your pregnancy?

The answer is yes! Consulting with a healthcare provider such as our available trainers, before you start any fitness routine during pregnancy can give you a professionally evaluated advice on the specific exercises and intensity levels okay for you to work on.

What are the benefits of exercising while pregnant?

Exercise during pregnancy helps manage weight gain, boosts your mood and sleep alongside energy levels, reduces various discomforts of pregnancy an expecting mother might face, and strengthens muscles for labor.

What types of exercises are recommended during each trimester?

Your first trimester, keeping to low-impact exercises such as walking, paternal yoga and swimming are safe. Progressing in trimesters, for an expecting mother, exercises can focus on maintaining strength, flexibility and stability.

Are there any exercises I should avoid during pregnancy?

High-impact exercises, contact sports, any exercise or activity risking in falling and abdominal trauma and laying flat on your back are general exercises to avoid during pregnancies.

Should I be modifying my exercise routines during pregnancy?

Yes, indeed! It is crucial to modify your exercise routines throughout your pregnancy over the course of trimesters to accommodate the changes in your body and to keep the baby safe.

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Virtual Personal Training Success Stories!

““I couldn’t bear letting my health fail due to pregnancy cravings, even though I knew eating is integral to any pregnancy. I started virtual training sessions at home with Stronger Body Stronger You, and I’ve never experienced such a positive change. As a mother of two, adopting a fitness routine has kept me from feeling like a mom of three!””

Kayla LucasYoga Instructor

““My first time being pregnant was intimidating! So many moms from my baby-coaching classes recommended so many different routines. I never felt comfort in either of them until I hired a best personal trainer from this company. It was a brilliant experience and I highly recommend it for any new and experienced mom in Brampton, ON. It’s life changing!””

Alex CohenLife Coach

Brenda Coles

Brenda Coles

Brenda Coles

Brenda Coles

Brenda Coles

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