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About Stronger Body Stronger You

Welcome to Stronger Body Stronger You, your trusted resource for personalised training sessions and support through every monumental stage in your life. Our team of personal trainers is dedicated to providing safe and effective online training sessions, with the utmost attention to inclusivity, comfort and a secure space for expecting mothers.

We specialise in many areas that are important life stages of every female and can have a large impact on their wellness, mental and physical health. Our trainers offer guidance and specifically designed routines for expecting mothers through all phases of their pregnancy trimesters and post-birth recovery, pelvic floor health, menopause concerns, breast cancer survivors, and more. Each training is specialized to cater to you with a unique influence that allows you to move at your own ease and pace.

At Stronger Body Stronger You, we are committed to providing the support and guidance you need to achieve the best you, fitness and wellness goals in a safe environment where all your feelings, troubles and experiences are welcome!