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“I couldn’t bear letting my health fail with all the pregnancy cravings even though I knew eating is integral to any pregnancy. OS i started training sessions with Stronger Body Stronger You, and I’ve never experienced such a change. I’m a mother of two kids already and taking on a fitness routine has saved me from looking like a mom of three!”

Kayla LucasFounder

“My first time being pregnant was intimidating! So many moms from my baby-coaching classes recommended so many different routines. I never felt comfort in either of them until I hired a personal trainer from this company. It was a brilliant experience and I highly recommend it for any new and experienced mom. It’s life changing!”

Alex CohenFounder

“I’ve always been a fitness freak and absolutely was not ready to give up my body when I was pregnant. And so I found Stronger Body Stronger You to hire my personal trainers and make sure Is taped fit without over-exerting myself of harming my baby.”

Sahsha NicholsFounder